Civil Rights

Hoppenstein Law Firm is dedicated to the pursuit of justice for all people. Although we mainly represent individuals in employment disputes and personal injury claims, we selectively accept Civil Rights, whistleblower, and serious police brutality claims.

In September of 2013 Hoppenstein Law Firm was in the news for our representation of a nursing student in a Civil Rights lawsuit against the Dallas County Community College District. Essentially they were trying to force our client, an orthordox Jew, to attend school on some of the Jewish High Holy Days. For more information, look at these articles:

The case was satisfactorily resolved with the Community College agreeing to reschedule some of the class days in dispute.

If you have suffered from a serious Civil Rights violation by a government entity or have another unusual or unjust situation, contact us today by calling (972) 931-4000. Hoppenstein Law Firm provides free consultations.