Personal Injury

Hoppenstein Law Firm accepts a select clientele of seriously injured individuals.

Suffering from a serious injury is a life changing event for the injured party and their entire family. When you suffer great pain, medical expense, and disruption to your working life, you need excellent representation to compensate you for those losses. Hoppenstein Law Firm has the expertise to zealously speak for you. We regularly oppose large corporations and insurers, and we can do the same for you.

We take all sorts of injury cases including car and truck wrecks, on-the-job injuries, trip and falls, medical and professional negligence, assaults, and other similar circumstances where you became injured.

“Prepare as if Every Case is Going to Trial”

The Hoppenstein Law Firm’s philosophy in representing injured parties is to prepare every case as if it is going to trial. The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court prior to a trial, but our preparation for the trial in your injury case begins the day we begin working with you. This strategy of intense preparation ensures that we know your case inside and out, and this safeguards your being shortchanged by insurance adjusters and large institutions that will fight tooth and nail to deny legitimate claims for damages.

Free Initial Consultation

Hoppenstein Law Firm is a boutique firm that focuses upon serious injuries only. Our size means that we really get to know our clients and their cases on a personal level, but that we must be selective in the injury cases that we do take. Every injury is different, and we would be happy to talk to talk with you in person or over the phone regarding the circumstances of your injury. If we do decide to move forward with the representation, we typically proceed with a contingency fee agreement which means you only have to pay an attorneys’ fee if we are successful in recovering money on your behalf.


Don’t delay! If you suffered from a serious injury, call Hoppenstein Law Firm at (972) 931-4000 for a free initial consultation today.